Jeff & Lisa w/ Karen Berry and Founder Mick

Jeff & Lisa w/ Karen Berry and Founder Mick

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Savor the flavor of these amazing Gourmet Soups!
All authentic Maryland recipes canned on the Eastern Shore. 

Mick’s Quail Inn was a famous restaurant known throughout the Southern Maryland area for “Wild Game Dinners” and a delicious “all you can eat” seafood buffet. The owner, Mick Couchenour, started the restaurant in the late 1960’s. Due to the popularity of his seafood soups, Mick and current owner Karen Berry, started canning his product in the mid 90's. The team has been distributing these award winning soups ever since to gourmet food stores and fine restaurants all throughout the Eastern Seaboard.

Mick's Florida is proud to bring these authentic Maryland flavors to the Sunshine State!

Choose from Cream of Crab, Lobster Bisque or Clam Chowder, each offering 
​many recipe options for soups, sauces, dips and more...

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